It’s canning season

Area gardens have been growing well, and all kinds of produce are becoming ripe. It’s time to get out the canners and preserve some of those vegetables and fruits for yummy eating next winter.Produce (and meat) that are not canned using current research-based canning methods can pose serious health risks. That means using the right canner for each type of produce.Pressure canning is the only safe method for home canning vegetables. Vegetables are low-acid foods and...

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Ohio still needs water conservation

The ongoing drought in the western states is real and has many western city dwellers, as well as ranchers, on alert. We shouldn’t be surprised about water shortages – it is a desert region after all. Add the huge increases in population growth over the past several decades and it is no wonder there is a water shortage. Meanwhile, the Midwest region of the US can have an abundance of water, especially in springs like this year. So why should we be concerned about water conservation...

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Library to feature community picks

You have probably noticed the displays filled with “Staff Picks” at the Delaware County District Library. Staff members regularly add their favorite books to these displays and Library customers have made them very popular — so popular, in fact, that it gave us an idea. How about letting customers tell us what their favorite books are?

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Finally, fields start to dry

The fields around Delaware County are finally drying out and most of the wheat has been harvested. Farmers have been bailing straw and hay while taking advantage of this great weather. Hopefully this dry weather will also help the corn and soybean crops.

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Take credit for your own sin

When was the last time you did something wrong? If an answer dosen’t immediately pop up in your mind, think about it for a minute then continue reading.One trend I’ve seen growing recently is how people don’t take credit for their own sin. There is always some sort of excuse; usually some circumstance or another person, which is the reason a person is thrust into doing what they did. The individual explains that if it had not been for such and such, they would nev...

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Duke vs. THE Duke

Duke vs. THE Duke“While we admire and respect John Wayne’s contributions to American culture, we are also committed to protecting the integrity of Duke University’s trademarks.”Michael SchoenfeldDuke University spokesman“Don’t pick...

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An American hero died July 2

A passing occurred last week of an American icon and legendary World War II hero. Louis “Louie” Zamperini, died at age 97 on July 2 at his Los Angeles home.His name might not be familiar, but his story of unparalleled wartime courage was publicized in the 2010 bestseller, Unbroken, authored by Laura Hillenbrand, which recently merited a movie of the same name, produced by Angelina Jolie.Born in 1917 of Italian immigrant parents in New York, the family moved t...

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Worms in my house? Really?

So it begins, the mother of sons, who for over three decades has avoided the presence of squirmy, wriggly things in her home, is about to attempt vermicomposting.Vermicomposting involves worms (Yes. Worms!) that break down substances (old paper, kitchen scraps, etc.) into a dark, nutrient-rich, natural compost in which your plants will thrive.

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Moisture putting stress on crops

Like most of Ohio the crops in lower lying areas around Delaware County are showing a lot of stress from ponding and excessive moisture.The crop conditions seem very inconsistent at this point. When driving around the state you see some good crops but you see some crops under sever stress. Sections of western and northern Ohio have great looking crops. However, I was over teaching with a long time educator from eastern Ohio on Wednesday and he said that in his county these are by f...

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Library has Zinio magazines

Have you downloaded a magazine from Delaware County District Library’s Zinio collection yet? You may be asking, “What is Zinio?” Zinio is a multi-platform distribution service for digital magazines that you can access through the Library’s web site at Zinio magazines can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets, or computers, on the Apple, Android, or Windows platform.

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As Americans, we are lucky

It is not too late. July Fourth is still two days away. As I drive through my subdivision, it is a rarity to see an American flag displayed at any of the neighboring homes. Maybe I have gone overboard. A full-size American flag is waving proudly from a bracket on my large front yard tree and a small flag sprouts from each of the planters and hanging baskets.

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Telescopes helped reveal the stars

By Tom BurnsHere is how we left our galaxy, the Milky Way, last time. In 1755, German philosopher Immanuel Kant theorized that the galaxy was a flattened disk made up of stars.In the meantime, astronomers had discovered another component to the universe. Telescopes showed “nebulae,” fuzzy patches that appeared to live among the stars of the Milky Way. Some were clearly misshapen clouds. Others resolved into stars and were surely part of the M...

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Seasonal high tunnel workshop scheduled

By Bonnie DaileyGardening season is upon us and the Delaware County Farmers’ Market is underway – summer is here! An amazing selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables are now available. Take a second though and imagine your own fresh lettuce and spinach in March or December. No, it’s not magic – it’s a high tunnel!

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Library will host Creative Strings

The Delaware County District Library is delighted to be part of a very exciting event in Delaware — the Creative Strings Workshop and Festival.Founded by Ohio native and former Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music Christian Howes, the Creative Strings Workshop and Festival offers string players from around the world an opportunity to study improvisation, composition, and styles outside the realm of classical music, while bringing Delaware a plethora of talent a...

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Stay away from vespid wasps

Vespid wasps (Vespidae) are the family of social and colonizing wasps that are very aggressive and give all wasps and bees a bad name. Vespid wasps include paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. These flying insects have no body hair and thinner, elongated bodies.Most wasps are beneficial pollinators of plants and predators of other insects, but when vespid wasps build close to our homes, barns, and recreational areas, people and animals are endangered. In defending their nests,...

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