Sports encounters can be criminal

“In the present case, physical contact was not an essential part of the racing of automobiles.”– Commonwealth v. Sostilio, 1949“This is a more complicated scenario. We’re assuming Stewart didn’t mean to do this, and yet a death resulted.”

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Police equipment not militaristic

Editor’s note: This is the second in a four-part series by Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin and Delaware Police Chief Bruce Pijanowski, addressing the recent Ferguson, Mo., shooting incident and other law enforcement issues.By Bruce PijanowskiDelaware Police ChiefPolice militarization has been in news recently, and is an issue that has touched us locally with recent equipment acquisitions. In Delaware,...

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‘Show me why what you want is better’

To the editor:Wow, am I offended. I just moved to Delaware and read your paper for the first time.In the editorial section, you inform your readers of the rules for letters to the editor and then, right beside it, you allow Stefan Schemine to break those rules. His article insults and demeans Mr. (Tony) Marconi, the president of these United States and Democrats in general. He blasts the intelligence, integrity and intentions of so many people. It sure feels like hate an...

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Library has Homework Help Centers

Did you know the Delaware County District Library has “Homework Help Centers” available to give your student access to everything he needs to succeed in school? Especially designed for kindergarten to 8th-grade students, the Homework Help Centers provide space, tables, tools and volunteers to guide students through assignments in a variety of subjects, such as reading, writing, math, science and technology.

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We’re going to make a good paper even better

If you missed the announcement in last week’s Gazette, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself again. I am the new editor/content manager of The Gazette, and I started in my new role last week.I made the move to Delaware earlier this month and have been taking long walks and drives in order to get myself better acquainted with the community. I’m living in the downtown – just a few steps away from the Gazette office – so there’s a good...

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Good time to dialogue with kids

For many families, September conjures up ideas of back-to-school, football games and falling leaves. It is a highly emotional time filled with excitement, anticipation and uncertainty. For some children and adolescents, though, these emotions are overrun with new feelings of stress and anxiety about school changes — everything from starting a new school to making good grades.

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Challenging the old shelter model

By Laura FinleySince the first shelter for domestic violence victims was opened in 1973 in St. Paul, Minnesota, countless women and children (and a few men) have benefited from the chance to flee abusers to a safe location. It is important to recognize the four decades of assistance that has been provided by these shelters; yet at the same time, I wonder if perhaps time has come to move away from that model of service for domestic violence.

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Letters to the editor

To the Editor:I would like to thank Mr. (Tony) Marconi for his recent heartfelt critique of me. The patron saint of his beloved progressive liberal Democrat Party, Harry Reid, could not have better demonstrated how they fear real debate, and will use such tactics to avoid it. They do so because they know their agenda cannot be defended by anyone but the politically uninformed, who only hear their false promises, and pay no heed to the results of their past actions, or their effect ...

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‘Golf is for a lifetime’

To the editor:Don’t let it happen! The Wednesday, Aug. 27, front-page headline “Youth golf outing in jeopardy” was like a kick in the stomach to me. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles and just good friends need to take to heart what the loss of the Little Brown Jug Junior Golf Classic can mean to the future Arnold Palmers and Tiger Woods in our community.I realize kids are overloaded with alternatives to golf – soccer, tennis, cross country, etc. – b...

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Better education needed on Ebola

The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Aug. 24The news in America was joyful. Two brave American health professionals, Dr. Keith Brantly and Nancy Writebol, flown to the United States after they fell ill with the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, walked out of the hospital last week. Doctors say they have been cured.Many patients weren’t so lucky in Liberia, New Guinea and Sierra Leone, where fear, ignorance and a rudimentary public health system have been just...

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What the stars tell us

By Tom BurnsThe biggest complaint I get about my astronomy writing is that there is “not enough science in it.” Those folks who love the science of astronomy perhaps rightly complain that I spend a bit too much of my time contemplating the old, dead myths and legends about the stars.However, I truly believe that the stars have something to say to our hearts as well as our heads. Here is a case in point, which describes the origin of the Milky Way:...

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Drainage essential to a happy home

THEIR VIEWBy Brad Rossbrad-ross@delawareswcd.orgAs I write this column, it’s a Wednesday in 2014, which means it is probably going to rain!

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Making lemonade out of lemons

THEIR VIEWBy Mariann Main, LPCMariannMain@GMail.comAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a diagnosis no one wants.Several of my closest friends bear the burden of debilitating illnesses. They include Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, lupus, Type I Diabetes and, of course, many have battled cancer, including this columnist. Thankfully, no one I have known has received the inevitabl...

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Write to Us

The Gazette welcomes letters to the editor about public interest issues.Discourse and debate are hallmarks of a democracy. The letters must be emailed to We will no longer accept handwritten or typed letters.All letters must include the writer’s name, address and daytime phone number. The Gazette may call the number to verify authorship of the letter. Anonymous letters, form letters, letters over 650 words or those without a phone number wi...

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Designing with dwarf conifers

By Robin VolkerMaster Gardener volunteerSometimes an evergreen is the perfect plant for the yard or garden bed, but it can be so big and overwhelming. Not to worry: varieties of slower growing versions of your favorite conifers are now readily available for most all planting zones.

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