‘We must unite our voices’

To the editor:As a taxpayer of the Buckeye Valley Local School District and a parent of two future BV students, I have become very interested in the upcoming bond issue.While my children do not yet attend school, I have continuously heard about the amazing teachers and students who fill the classrooms of the BV elementary schools. I have also learned about the less-than-desirable conditions that the children and teachers often endure in their current facilities. I cannot...

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‘Coincidence is simply hypocrisy’

Coincidence or hypocrisy?(Secretary of State) John Husted’s political ads brag about his efforts to ensure that military personnel are able to vote. He does this, he says, because they fight to protect our rights. That’s OK.At the same time, however, Husted and his party create insidious rules to make it difficult for many others to enjoy those rights – especially voting. Not surprisingly, the very citizens victimized by restrictive voting rules are the...

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Sexual assault is men’s problem

By Laura Finleyand Victor RomanoFor The GazetteLet us be clear: the problem of rape and sexual assault on campus is a male problem.Last week, many newspapers across the country featured an editorial by Dan K. Thomasson titled “Academia Needs to Act to Protect College Women.” Unfortunately, Thomasson’s comments served to reinforce the antiquated notion that it’s women’s responsibility to avoid getting raped. Men are over...

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A whale of a constellation

Rising low in the southern sky this month is one of the most unusual of the old constellations. The oceans represented vastness and danger to the ancient Greek people. As they looked south into the great waters of the Mediterranean, they invented a pattern of stars that represented the awe and fear that they felt.Behold mighty Cetus, the whale, rising out of the great deep. Before midnight, you can find him spread out over a large expanse of the southeastern sky. A circlet of five ...

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‘Thumbs up’ to a wise decision

Here are this week’s “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” selections:• “Thumbs up” to Delaware City Council for insisting that at least parts of the 1961 ordinance that banned guns from city parks be kept in place. As we’ve explained here, city officials said the old ordinance had to be changed in order to comply with an Ohio Supreme Court ruling that says cities cannot have laws in conflict with the state’s conceal-carry law. Ha...

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Meeting with the Amish PTA

Hello to everyone, both near and far.After spending the past four weeks with family in Ohio, it feels good to be home again. The weather has been perfect since we’re back.Today was a full, yet enjoyable day. It seems like a lot has happened since we got up this morning. After breakfast and devotions, I tackled the apples. I decided to turn most of our apples into applesauce and put the rest away to be eaten fresh or used for making pies and apple crisp. I just reli...

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‘The Hobbit’ this year’s community reading project

Delaware County District Library is pleased once again to partner with Delaware City Schools and the community for a community-wide reading project. As you probably remember, last year the library partnered with Delaware City Schools and several local organizations for the community-wide reading of “Ender’s Game.”For 2014, Delaware City Schools and the YMCA wanted to continue the momentum from the success of the “Ender’s Game” program, choosing &...

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‘This plan is the most fiscally responsible’

To the editor:As the husband of a Buckeye Valley graduate, a taxpayer from Concord Township and the parent of one current and one future BV student, it is with great enthusiasm that I urge my fellow stakeholders to vote “yes” for the bond issue put forward by the Buckeye Valley Local School District.This plan is the most fiscally responsible to address our elementary facilities in recent memory. According to information provided by Superintendent Andy Miller,...

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It’s time to end the outing

I am going to start this with a simple statement: No one should have the right to out another person, celebrity or other, as gay.It seems very clear to me that the decision to come out should rest entirely with the individual. While it would be fantastic to live in a world in which no one cared about the pronouncement that someone is not strictly heterosexual because we were all so accepting of the many ways to love others, that world is not yet here.Coming out can be a ...

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More PeaceView columns please

This summer The Gazette ran a series of sober and thoughtful columns from writers syndicated by PeaceVoice. I was very impressed by the high level of factual content, moral concern and even-handedness in those columns, particularly when they addressed very sensitive subjects, such as race relations, threats to our environment and the wars in the Middle East.The overriding message in those columns was the need for a calm and careful analysis of history and contemporary realities, co...

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The revenge of Manuel Noriega

“Plaintiff was portrayed as the culprit of numerous fictional heinous crimes, creating the false impression that defendants are authorized to use plaintiff’s image and likeness.”– Complaint filed byManuel Noriega“If this were allowed, it would be like bin Laden’s family suing for ‘Zero Dark Thirty.’”

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It may be a good year for autumn colors

Kids have been back in school for quite a while, the evenings are getting cooler and that means summer is winding down. The days are getting shorter and fall is on its way. I feel fortunate to live in Ohio and experience four distinct seasons. My favorite is autumn with its fantastic spectrum of leaf colors.Although scientists don’t know all the details of how autumn’s colors happen, they do understand the basics. Tree leaves contain cells that create food for the whole...

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Browns camp here? What a great idea

It may just be a long shot – or a “Hail Mary” pass, if you’d prefer – but our hats are off to officials at Ohio Wesleyan University and the city of Delaware for collaborating on a proposal to lure the Cleveland Browns here for their annual summer training camps.NFL teams typically have their training camps away from the municipal stadiums and in more secluded locales. For instance, the Pittsburgh Steelers have their summer training camps at Saint Vince...

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You must talk to your teen

It is probably not journalistically correct to mention a competing Central Ohio newspaper. The headline this past Sunday of “11 child suicides this year a record” merits pause. It was both an alarming and sad declaration of “young angst.” One death mentioned was an 11-year-old who took his own life. How can this happen? Suicide is supposed to be the domain of “grown-ups.” It seems this is no longer the case.

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‘Patriotism a lot more than just waving flag’

To the editor:Mr. William McCartney’s letter (“Creating Patriotism Week doesn’t make us patriotic,” Sept. 17) pretty much hit the nail on the head.Since World War II, patriotism seems to have been on the wane in America for many reasons. We have become a divided country, with too many thinking only about themselves, caring little about the other person.

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