Governors aside, feds building health care markets

August 24, 2011

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Staff Writer

Liberty Township trustees are reducing a full-time position to part-time hours to prepare for expected revenue reductions.

The move, which reduces the full-time executive administrative assistant position to a part-time job, was approved by trustees this week. It will save about $25,000 in both hours and fringe benefits, said Dave Anderson, township administrator.

The reduction is one of several made over the past year to deal with shrinking revenues resulting from a decline in state funding and property valuations, Anderson said.

Anderson said no areas are off limits to cuts in order to deal with the potential 6- to 8-percent decrease in property valuations.

“We’re looking at salt, diesel fuel and everything under the sun, except toothpaste because we don’t buy toothpaste,” he said.

The township could switch to salt brine instead of using rock salt. Genoa Township indicated to Liberty that it saved money by switching last year.

Liberty is also considering a switch to a cleaner diesel fuel, which saved the city of Dublin about $160,000 a year.

Cutting the hours of the administrative assistant position has been discussed for months.

Other recent cuts include reducing hours for part-time staff and eliminating overtime entirely, more strictly observing sick leave and overtime and not replacing three retirements in the township road department.

The administrative assistant position should be the last expected cut, although the township continues to chip away at expense costs as it can, Anderson said.