Planting time: Weather, pests, treatments

September 10, 2011

Collaborating, cooperating and sharing of resources at the Delaware County District Library are long-held and widely-used principles. We understand that we are entrusted with taxpayers’ dollars, and using them wisely and in the most cost-effective manner is important to us. We pride ourselves on our ability to get the biggest bang for your buck. Being good stewards of tax dollars often means sharing and cooperating with other tax-supported agencies in presenting programs or buying material. From 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, at the Library’s Orange Branch, 7171 Gooding Blvd., and in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, we will offer “Ohio Means Jobs,” a program designed to help employers connect with job seekers. The program will be presented by Mark Birnbrich, Ohio Means Jobs Project Manager who will demonstrate the Ohio Means Jobs website, a free user-friendly online service that can assist in finding well-qualified Ohio based-talent. Birnbrich will demonstrate how to post job openings and employment events, how to access resumes, how to customize resume searches and how to increase recruitment speed and efficiency. Please note that this program is for employers, NOT jobseekers.

If you are an employer who would like to find out how to match jobs you have available with potential employees, this program is for you. Contact Lona Helfrich at 740-397-7177 X1315 or Lona.Helfrich@ to reserve your seat to learn more about the Ohio Means Jobs website.

How did Big Bottom State Park get its name?

Big Bottom State Memorial Park in Stockport commemorates the Big Bottom Massacre of 1791, a skirmish between Wyandot Indians and Ohio Company settlers that resulted in the deaths of 14 settlers. The Native Americans attacked in part because they resented the settlers’ encroachment upon the large fertile area on the Muskingum River. A fertile area on a river floodplain was commonly called “bottom land,” and since the floodplain was extensive, the settlers called it Big Bottom. I checked in Ohio’s State Parks Guidebook for this information.

Does fired coach Josh McDaniels have another job?

According to Sports Illustrated, Josh McDaniels’ record was 8-8 in his first year with the Denver Broncos, but he was fired in the middle of a disappointing 4-12 season in 2010. McDaniels, who landed the Denver job after serving as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach for the New England Patriots, agreed to become Steve Spagnuolo’s offensive coordinator with the St. Louis Rams. Interestingly, Spagnuolo was the defensive coordinator of the Giants when they slowed McDaniels’ offense and upset the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Why are textbooks so expensive compared to other books?

Publishers offer an explanation that textbooks are expensive to make. The hundreds of glossy colorful pages, complete with charts, graphs and illustrations, cost more than putting black words on regular white paper. The National Association of College Stores has said that roughly 33 cents of every textbook dollar goes to this sort of production cost, with another 11.8 cents of every dollar going to author royalties. Additionally, the relatively small print runs of textbooks keep publishers from enjoying the kind of economies of scale they get on a bestselling popular novel. Publishers also note that widespread sales of used books cut into their profit. However, according to a study done by the Department of Education’s Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, in the simplest economic terms, the high price of textbooks is symptomatic of misaligned incentives, not exorbitant production costs. Students do not have the latitude to pick which texts they need because professors pick the course materials, and they have no strong incentive to be price sensitive when it comes to selecting textbooks. This lack of cost-control incentives for professors is a major reason that textbooks are expensive. As a result of this study, a new federal law went into effect that requires publishers to notify professors of textbook prices and schools to inform students of necessary course texts during registration.

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