Filing deadline nears for November candidates

September 20, 2011


Staff Writer

Although a rookie competitive baker at the Delaware County Fair, Elizabeth Mugge still left the auction with the most dough.

Her carmel crunch apple pie went for $400, a bid placed by Fifth Third Bank.

“I’m kinda scared and excited and relieved at the same time,” a smiling Elizabeth said.

She said her nerves were still recovering from judging interviews, which had concluded about an hour before the auction. Elizabeth said there was no secret ingredient to her dessert and, indeed, it seemed to tempt bidders on its own merits.

“Let me repeat: Carmel. Crunch. Apple. Pie,” the auctioneer said.

The competition among this year’s bakers was stronger than ever, the long-time junior fair baked goods judges had said before the auction. Forty-seven entries were judged.

Before their goods reached the auction table, the bakers had to pass a “skill-a-thon.” This session tested participants’ knowledge and skills about cooking, nutrition, and kitchen safety.

From there, the top two entries in each of the 11 categories were selected. The champions of each category were auctioned.

New this year was the cookie category, which replaced the decorative cakes category.

Senior Allie Frazier baked a $350 batch of orange pecan creamsicle cookies, purchased by Jeff and Cyndi Hoffman; junior Cassandra Dickhof presented $300 cranberry almond cookies, purchased by Delaware City Firefighters.

The sugar-free baked good article was new last year and is picking up in popularity. Officials said four more sugar-free entries were submitted this year as compared to the one entry last year.

Seniors and juniors alike also prepared fruit pie and iced cake. Additionally, seniors baked conventional and novelty yeast bread. Juniors baked fruit, vegetable or nut bread and muffins.

Other bake fair winners included: Kayla Henderson, Senior Yeast Bread (Novelty): $325 by Delaware County Bank; Annie Moore, Senior Fruit Pie: $350 by Price Farms Organic; Joel Hornsby, Senior Iced Cake: $250 by Delaware County Fair Board; Kathleen Duffy, Junior Muffins: $325 Hiram Lodge; Lucas Fragiotta, Junior Fruit/Vegetable/Nut Bread: $325 by Sunbury Subway and Sunbury Curves; Maddy Lilly, Junior Iced Cake: $325 by Delaware County Prosecutor Carol O’Brien; Jessica Blacker, Sugar Free Item: $300 by Carriage Towne.

Clerk of Court Cindy Dinovo purchased the reserved baked goods.