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October 27, 2011

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The Powell City Council is one step closer to putting a property tax levy on the November ballot.

Council members discussed the proposed tax issue this week, which if approved by voters, would provide a dedicated revenue source for the city’s capital improvement projects. The proposal is tied to an existing parks levy that runs through December 2013 with collections on the proposed levy not slated for collection until the expiration of the current levy.

The 10-year, 1.8-mill property tax would raise about $7.1 million over the life of the levy and support several needed capital improvement projects throughout the city. The list of potential projects is extensive and those selected should have a useful life of at least 10 years, Powell mayor Richard Cline said.

“The levy would maintain the property tax, so residents would feel no impact,” Cline said.

If approved, the levy collections wouldn’t begin until 2014. Officials are awaiting figures from the Delaware County auditor on how much the levy would cost taxpayers.

Officials did say that the list of capital improvements is long, so the levy would not address all of the city’s needs. The finance committee will be tasked with selecting the projects, which will also require the approval of city council before being placed on the ballot for voter approval.

Projects that are currently being discussed include:

- Adding bike and walking paths, making connections in the path system, repairing and replacing existing paths and putting up directional signs

- Completing the Murphy Parkway connection to Liberty Road, a project that is necessary to complete before installing turn lanes at the Four Corners intersection

- Adding traffic signals, potentially at Village Club Drive and Sawmill Parkway

- Constructing an active park with ball diamonds and soccer fields along Seldom Seen Road to serve the Golf Village community

- Constructing a public service facility along Seldom Seen Road to provide shelter for public service vehicles, salt and equipment

- Renovating the Village Green Park splash pad with mechanical updates and possible expansion

The city will have two hearings — June 19 and July 17 — to provide residents with an opportunity to address the council before voting to place the issue on the ballot.

Powell council members this week also unanimously voted to send a resolution to the Delaware County auditor, requesting the total current tax valuation of the city and the dollar amount that would be generated by the levy. This is the first official step in the process to send the issue to the ballot.

In November 2010, Powell residents soundly defeated an income tax increase and tax credit to pay for capital improvements.