City prepared to license cab operators

November 1, 2011


Staff Writer

With still a couple days left before absentee voting ends, more than twice as many Delaware County residents have cast early votes as in the last comparable election.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Delaware County Board of Elections had received 10,351 early votes. During the November 2009 general election, which like the upcoming election contained state issues but no statewide candidates, voters cast less than 5,900 early votes.

Elections officials say more people are voting early than ever before because of the new Delaware County absentee voting center, located at 149 E. Orange Road in Orange Township.

“In 2009 we didn’t have a voting center that was located near the majority of our population,” said Delaware County Board of Elections Director Brian Mumford.

On top of that, there is a great deal of interest in State Issue 2, a repeal on Ohio Senate Bill 5, which reforms the collective bargaining process for public employees, and to a lesser extent State Issue 3, which seeks to opt the state out of the U.S. Affordable Healthcare of America Act.

Besides the state issues, tax levies for Delaware City Schools and the Buckeye Valley Local School District are expected to attract particular interest, elections officials said.

The Orange Township voting center will remain open until this Friday, Nov. 4. While typical operating hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the voting center will stay open for an extra two hours on Friday.

That is a change from last year, when early voting continued until the day before the election, which is always on Tuesday.