Jaxson Cash Deel

January 17, 2012

More than two dozen drug dealers are behind bars today after a sweep conducted by the L.E.A.P. Drug Task Force. Friday, July 13, in Operation Heated Streets, 27 arrest warrants were executed. Nearly every target was indicted for trafficking in drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, pharmaceuticals and heroin.

Among those arrested, Antonio Barksdale, Donald Poindexter and Darnell Reeves, each was indicted on multiple felony counts for trafficking cocaine.

“Arresting drug dealers will not eliminate the problem of illegal drugs in our community, but it will go toward holding the dealers accountable. Opiate abuse continues to plague our region; our Drug Task Force is working every day to curb the consumption and importation of these dangerous poisons, but the task is far from complete,” Sheriff Russell Martin said in a written release.

Friday’s roundup would not have been possible without the assistance of other offices and agencies, Martin said.

“These types of operations are only successful when there is collaboration between agencies. The assistance we received from adjoining law enforcement agencies and the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office greatly contributed to the success of this sweep. Yesterday’s operation was the result of several months of hard work by all involved.”

The Delaware County L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Pushers) Drug Task Force operates under the authority of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. The following agencies participated in Friday’s roundup: Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Delaware Police, Ashley Police, Sunbury Police, Westerville Police, the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office, Delaware County Juvenile Court and Adult Court Services.

To report suspicious drug activity call 877-412-TIPS.