Full-time Pelotonian: Powell scientist works year-round for cancer research

October 25, 2012

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It was during a few snowy days back in the late 1980s that the Gordon family on Lincoln Avenue built seven snowmen, each depicting a member of the family. By chance, local water colorist Ellie Heingartner walked by and snapped a photo of the scene.

The snowmen turned into a painting by Heingartner with one rendition owned by the Gordons. A print of the painting was sent along with gifts of local artwork, Beanie Babies and other articles when a small contingent of area residents went to visit Delaware’s sister city in Russia, Omutninsk, back in the summer of 2000 with the Delaware-Omutninsk Friendship Project.

A couple weeks ago, now more than 20 years after the original scene took place, Kit Gordon received a letter from Helen Devetyargova of Kirov, Russia. Devetyargova, with her husband and son, now owns the print sent to Russia where it hangs in their home more than 6,500 miles from where the snowmen originally stood. (GAZETTE | Liz Robertson)