The price is right for Delaware man

November 12, 2012

[caption width="250" caption=" From left, Scioto Ridge Elementary School second graders Aidan Ginsburg, Gabriella Nowak and Ashley Boettcher assemble a care package for the military Friday. (Gazette | Melissa Mackey) "][/caption]


Staff Writer

Scioto Ridge Elementary students worked together Friday to put smiles on the faces of those serving overseas.

About 110 second-grade students gathered in the commons area of the school to create care packages for overseas military as a lesson in “paying it forward.”

The second-grade team, which included students in the classes of Lisa Huesman, Sarah Moes, Erika Pircio, Becky Totin and Mark Walter, collected articles throughout November. The students gathered enough to create 40 small care packages and two large care packages for troops, Pircio said.

The two large care packages will be shipped to family members of staff members in the Scioto Ridge building, Pircio said. Scioto Ridge Speech teacher Lisa Kedo and student teacher Kristen Bell both have loved ones in the military.

The 40 small packages will go to servicemen and women in Commercial Point, Ohio who will deploy Jan. 2. A sergeant supplyman from the base spoke to students Friday before he took the packages back to the troops.

Each of the 40 packages contains hand sanitizer, magazines, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, two handfuls of candy and two handwritten letters from the students. They were gift-wrapped in clear plastic with a yellow bow.

“These packages are a ‘thank you’ for fighting for our freedom,” Pircio told the students Friday. “It’s just to make them feel a little more at home. They’re doing a huge job for us, fighting for our freedom.”