Delaware man ejected from car after hitting pole

February 26, 2013

Connie Curry’s daughter was just 3-years-old when her mom was trapped several feet up in the attic area of the garage.

Now a college graduate, Katie Curry, 22, is the focus of her mother’s latest book on the same situation, “Katie Belle to the Rescue!” where she slowly aides in helping her down.

Although Katie Curry’s older siblings, Amber, 31, and Ryan, 29, are featured in the book, it was only the youngest Curry family member who was there to rescue her safety-minded mother on that humorous day.

The story is one that the family has always remembered fondly over the years, but also an opportunity to incorporate being safe in a book.

A Buckeye Valley graduate, Connie Curry, served for 25 years on the Delaware County Emergency Medical Services squad and responding to calls with children was always heart-wrenching for her, she said. The first part of her book walks the heroine “Katie Belle” through different safety precautions, such as ladders, stoves and car windows.

“Throughout my years with the EMS, 75 to 80 percent of the squad calls on children and babies were accidents, not illness,” Curry said. “Children just play. They don’t think simple things can have a devastating change in people’s lives.”

Connie Curry also brings humor into the book, as she does all her writing, including her first book, “Give Me Back My Glory,” a self-published memoir on her battle with breast cancer. She also earned the James Thurber Humor Writing Contest in the 90s.

The second half of the book walks the reader through the time when the author climbs up a ladder to the attic in the garage to pull out some yard sale articles. The ladder is knocked out, and Connie Curry is trapped with only a 3-year-old, golden retriever, house cat and duck sled to help her get down.

In the end, the author is assisted by a helpful neighbor, but not before some childlike comedy ensues. Katie Curry, shy and quiet unlike her mother, said she enjoyed being the subject of her mom’s first children’s book. She also revealed that many of the book’s incidents were true-to-life that day.

Through her author visits at area schools, Connie Curry brings safety to the forefront during her book presentations.

Connie Curry didn’t discover her love for writing until late in life, she said. She attributes retired Buckeye Valley’s Nettie Lukas, her eighth-grade teacher as her sole inspiration for language.

“She gave me a love of reading, writing, vocabulary and sentence structure,” she said.

Connie Curry is hosting a book-signing during May’s First Friday event from 6 to 9 p.m. May 6 at Fundamentals Parent Teacher Store, 25 W. Winter St., Delaware.

“Katie Belle to the Rescue!” is a 25-page paperback book for ages 4 to 8 published by San Antonio-based Pink Butterfly Press, a traditional publishing house devoted to giving women a voice. Curry’s personal website is