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May 15, 2013

I have been surviving on the euphoria of love for our newborn son as of late. It is that love and those cute smiles that have seen me through many a sleepless night and the hormonal haze of adjusting to a newborn’s schedule both physically and mentally. However, the fog seems to be lifting now that we have reached week seven. I feel like we have finally turned the corner and I hope to have this column out more regularly. My best laid plans to keep it weekly have been just that…best laid plans.

We made it out to the library the other day with Sammy’s big brother Michael. As we strolled through the aisles to keep the baby’s sleepy eyes closed, a book caught my eye. It was on the shelf right where I could grab it without stopping the motion of the stroller, so grab it I did. Called Wildly Affordable Organic by Linda Watson, the book is a great resource on how to eat organically and “green” on a budget.

Although I am still reading it, here are some tips I wanted to share which I thought were valuable. Never cook with or drink hot tap water. It may contain lead from the water heater or plumbing. Instead, heat cold water up in a kettle or on the stove. You bought it, so cook it. According to the author, Americans throw away about a third of the perfectly good food they buy. Watch what you buy. Wash your reusable grocery bags (we’ve discussed this, so don’t forget!). Shop the seasons at the farmer’s markets. Can your produce when you can. Grow your own herbs and veggies to save you money. Clean and organize your freezer — especially labeling things (my down fall). The book has a great section on how to do this called “Feed Your Freezer.”

Also included in the book are menus and recipes for each season on how to spend just $5 a day or less on preparing good, organic and green meals. Now you can’t beat that! What I have found is that it is doable, it just takes planning and preparing and that, my friends, is the hard part. I have the great ideas and love the fresh food, it just comes down to making and taking the time to shop and cook. I continue to strive to do a better job. Please share any tips you have to make it easier — other than hiring a personal chef which I often fantasize about.

Tuesday Trippier lives in Delaware, is a writer and mother of four with a special interest in learning about green and organic living.