Dehydration a greater risk in modern culture

July 24, 2013


For the Gazette

Two cars were involved in an accident at 9:35 p.m. Monday at the intersection of Ohio 3 and Plumb Road in Genoa Township. A car travelling east on Plumb Road did not yield to the stop sign and struck a car travelling south on Ohio 3, investigators said.

Genoa paramedics, Genoa Fire Department, and Delaware County EMS personnel had to use the Jaws of Life to extract passengers from one vehicle.

Genoa Police Department Officer Jim McMillin was at the scene and is the investigating officer.

McMillin said seven people from the two cars were transported to the hospital. Some have already been released, several are still in the hospital, but he said he believes they are all in stable condition.

“Both vehicles were pretty well totaled, especially since passengers had to be cut out,” McMillin said. “We don’t believe the accident was alcohol related. One party just failed to yield to the stop sign. We will be issuing citations when the investigation is complete, but they haven’t been issued yet.

“That’s a dangerous intersection,” McMillin said. “We’ve had serious accidents there in the past, including two motorcycle fatalities in the past several years. We caution drivers to pay attention to the Plumb Road stop signs, and take a few extra seconds before pulling on to, or crossing Route 3.”

An off-duty EMS medic was at he scene when the Genoa PD arrived and told McMillan that seven medic units would be needed because everyone in the vehicles would need transported. McMillin subsequently requested seven units from dispatch.

He said a Genoa Fire Department medic unit was on scene, and Delaware County EMS, but he is uncertain what other department’s units responded. There were also several fire engines on scene.