The Tea Party is our only hope

By Breck Hapner

December 18, 2013

To the editor:

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed their version of a two-year budget and sent it to the Senate. The House budget cuts nothing from the previous budget, but instead increases spending by $54 billion. That money will come from higher airline ticket taxes.

The previously agreed to deal concerning sequestration is now dead. No one can argue that the compromise budget deal raises taxes and increases spending, yet many Republicans voted for the bill. Show me one Republican who was elected on that platform and please, spare me the Orwellian word games. When the government takes money out of our pockets to fund its growing “Give Away to Buy More Votes” programs, it’s a tax. Whether the money is taken from us via the phone bill, airline tickets, health insurance, or earned income, it’s still a tax.

In 2010, we sent politicians to Washington in an historic landslide election with a mandate to stop the runaway train of government spending. Yet, we still pretend that there are no consequences to accumulating trillion-dollar deficits year after year. So where does this leave us, the taxpaying American who is robbed of our hard-earned dollars by Washington bureaucrats whose only mission is to stay in office at any cost, regardless of party affiliation?

We now have the old guard GOP and RINOs (Republican In Name Only) attacking those who are doing what they were elected to do, slow down the train of government spending and reduce the size of government. The Tea Party is our only hope. We need to elect many more Tea Party candidates who represent America’s values and who put country ahead of Party. The Tea Party is the real Republican Party, not the old establishment and their RINO associates. The old establishment of the Republican Party is nothing more than a clone of the Democratic Party. When you juxtapose one Party again the other you get a twin. Many will say that this fight is hurting the Republican “brand,” I reply; it is those on both sides of the aisle who have betrayed their principles in the name of Party over country. The GOP used to stand for something; smaller government, reduced spending, lower taxes, robust individual liberty, and a passionate defense of the value of hard work and the right to keep more of what we earn. Those values only apply to the Tea Party now and they refuse to be part of the “managed decline” of the nation. America’s best days are ahead of us. The Democrats, GOP old guard, RINO Republicans and the sycophantic, obsequious media all continue to bathe in their grandiose titles and names, continuing their acts of legerdemain and habitual cronyism, of putting Party loyalty and political dollars ahead of country.

The days of the excessively prevaricating president and his cronies that championed; fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, Senate rules changes allowing one party to appoint federal judges, Obama Care, income re-distribution, changing federal law by fiat, and traveling, golfing, vacationing by eating at the trough of taxpayer dollars will come to an end, or the nation will die. It cannot survive the lavish government handouts collected on the backs of the working citizens. I and hundreds of thousands like me have dedicated our lives to draining the swamp of the dirty water. Pray that it comes at the ballot box and not by refreshing the tree of liberty as described by Thomas Jefferson.

Christopher Acker