Genoa roundabout won’t include Frost Rd.

By Gary Budzak

January 27, 2014

The Genoa Township Trustees have decided not to add a leg to a roundabout the Delaware County Engineer’s Office is having constructed as an improvement to South Old 3C Highway.

The leg would have connected Frost Rd. to Mt. Royal Ave. There are several businesses on Frost Rd., which has no outlet and is accessible by Old 3C.

“We just discussed it, and then said, ‘No, this looks like it’s not the best alternative for us,’” Trustee Barbara Lewis told The Gazette. “We didn’t even have to take a vote, or have a motion on it.”

Lewis said that the township would have had to pay $400,000 for the leg.

“Instead, we’ve been looking at possibly putting a road from Maxtown Rd., and that would hook up to Frost Rd.,” she said. “We figured that would be a better way to get into our business area from Maxtown.”

Lewis said the road would go on property currently undeveloped. The property owners are interested in talking to the township, she said, but there is no time frame on when that will happen.

The County Engineer’s Office proposed improvements to South Old 3C in 2012 to address the number of traffic crashes, poor drainage, lack of pedestrian walkways. Three alternatives were considered. “The first was pavement rehabilitation and sewer construction. The second included a limited street with a traffic signal at Mt. Royal and State Rt. 3. However, the project sheet said the “traffic signal does not adequately address traffic operations at Mt. Royal Ave.”

The third alternative, which was selected after a public comment period, includes the roundabout at Mt. Royal and Old 3C. “Roundabout fully addresses current traffic operation problems at Mt. Royal Ave.,” the project sheet stated.

The project is expected to cost $8-$9 million, to be paid for with county road funds and Ohio Public Works grants. Construction is expected to take place over two seasons from 2015-17.