Five seek vacant Berkshire seat

By Dustin Ensinger

January 28, 2014

Five Berkshire Township residents are in the running to fill the seat of former Trustee Bob Carpenter.

They are Rowland Smith, Rick Bowman, Mike Dattilo, Susan Stanton and John Nicks.

The five are vying to succeed Carpenter, who died earlier this month after serving the township for over two decades.

Smith and Dattilo were two of four candidates running for open seats on the board of trustees in November, both losing out to incumbents Carpenter and Trustee Rod Myers.

Dattilo, who serves as the zoning inspector in Trenton Township, was 12 votes shy of winning a seat on the board.

Smith, a semi-retired real estate investor, serves on the township’s zoning commission. He was an outspoken critic of the proposed outlet mall just off the Interstate 71-Ohio 37-U.S. 36 interchange.

Bowman was also highly critical of the outlet mall proposal, and was at the forefront of an effort to overturn the zoning decision that paved the way for the development. He currently works as a sales manager for the Habegger Corporation.

Stanton, a senior executive with SBCi Ltd., has been a township resident since 1995. She has been an active participant in Berkshire Township Economic and Community Development Strategic Planning meetings.

Nicks is chairman of the Eastern Delaware Republican Club. He currently works as an accountant at Defense Finance and Accounting Services.

Myers and Trustee Bill Holtry have until the middle of next month to reach a consensus on who should fill the seat.

If the trustees cannot come to an agreement, the decision would fall to “a majority of the persons designated as the committee of five on the last-filed nominating petition” filed by Carpenter.

The committee has 10 days following the 30-day period to make a decision. If the time frame is not met, the presiding probate judge in the county is charged with making the appointment.

Carpenter’s wife, Jacki, and several other township residents have asked the trustees to appoint Dattilo to the position.

“It is imperative at this critical time to think ‘outside the box’ and be forward thinking in our decisions for out township,” she wrote in a letter to the trustees. “Mike will bring a fresh perspective to these decisions with an open mind and a willingness to work with all township officials.”