Safety plans for Delaware Schools outlined

By Gary Budzak

January 28, 2014

A Student Resource Officer told Delaware City Council about the Delaware City Schools’ safety plans at a joint meeting of council and district officials on Jan. 27.

Rod Glazer of the Delaware Police Department, who was named Ohio SRO of the Year in 2011, gave the presentation. He said that the district does not follow the traditional lockdown or the more recently developed ALICE tactics. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

“There are some ALICE concepts we like, and some we don’t like,” Glazer said. “I don’t want to teach the students to attack the attacker.”

In case of an active shooter event, Glazer said the procedure for Delaware schools is first to evacuate, if possible.

If evacuation is not an option, then the best course of action is to hide out and barricade a door.

If necessary, people may need to be prepared to take action by distracting, disrupting or disabling the attacker.

Finally, if possible, the last step is to run from the school.

The schools practice a safety drill monthly so that the steps remain fresh in everyone’s mind, Glazer said.

Superintendent Paul Craft said it was great to see the cooperation between the district’s two SROs and the teachers.

Delaware Police Chief Bruce Pijanowski said the plan was developed in conjunction with the schools, so they were comfortable with the procedures.