Fox News tried to expose lies

March 19, 2014

To the editor:

I read Mr. McCartney’s letter and found it quite ironic that he mentioned Fox News, bullying and the Affordable Care Act in the same letter.

It was masterminded by a bunch of progressive bullies in the Democrat Party, with little input allowed from the Republicans, and before you claim they didn’t put forth any good ideas, let me point out that it was progressive Democrat, Master Bully, Harry Reid, that would not allow any discussion of them, or allow a vote on them. If that’s not a perfect example of political bullying, nothing is.

No one knew what was in it, because none of these idiots demanded enough time to read it, so it was like female Master Bully, Nancy Pelosi said, “you have to pass it to know what’s in it,” more bullying. Now the Affordable Care Act has itself become a bully, and all those idiots who voted for it, without knowing what was in it, who are now up for re-election, are running away from it like a bunch of scared kids from a bully.

Your beloved Progressive Democrat President Obama is also a Master Bully, who has used the powers of governmental agencies against both political opponents and, we the people. He has abused his power of executive privilege to bully Congress into granting his every desire. And, like a schoolyard bully, he does not obey the playground rules set forth in our Constitution.

Just like a bully caught in the act, when asked by the principal, “Did you do that?” Obama lies. Bullying, lying and, obstructionism are the defining characteristics of the Progressive Democrat Party. And, just who was at the forefront in trying to get the truth from this band of liars? It was Fox News, and as always, all they seemed to get for their efforts were lies, skirting the issue, and talking points, but they keep on digging for the truth. Unlike the other network news programs, FOX asks pertinent questions of politicians, not softball ones intended to allow them to answer the way they want to, not truthfully.

It matters not to me whether one calls himself Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, but lets face it, Mr. McCartney, both of our parties have been hijacked by progressivism. Many true conservatives recognize the threat to America that progressivism poses, and are trying to defeat it, hence the birth of the tea party, but it is being demonized by the leadership of both the Democrat and Republican parties, along with the bulk of the mass media, yet Fox stands true. My question is, where is the grassroots effort from the liberal side? Do you all believe in progressivism. or even understand the destruction it is causing to America? Or, are you all just a bunch of Kool Aid drinkers, content to quench your thirst with its sweetness, while your country is destroyed under your feet?

Stefan Schemine