OWU professor selected for recognition

By Gary Budzak

April 4, 2014

An Ohio Wesleyan University professor is being recognized for his academic research and reviewing the research of others.

Randolph Quaye, director of OWU’s Black World Studies Program, has been selected as “Outstanding Reviewer for Leadership in Health Services” at the Emerald Literati Network 2014 Awards for Excellence.

“He’s helping to review the research done by others, and decide is that ready for publication, or are there areas in the research that needs to be clarified or addressed before it’s ready to be published,” OWU spokesman Cole Hatcher told The Gazette. “We’re excited for him.”

Quaye, who joined OWU in 2004, has been a reviewer for 15 years with several industry-leading journals.

In addition, Quaye conducts and publishes his own research. “A lot of his research tends to be in the health care area,” Hatcher said.

Quaye surveyed 90 Ohio doctors in is most recent article, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Ohio physicians,” which will be published in a journal called Leadership in Health Services.

“Overwhelmingly, while the physicians surveyed were familiar with the specific provisions of ACA, almost half of them opposed it,” the University said Quaye wrote in the article. “Primary care physicians reported generally favorable opinions about ACA. All but one of the physicians concluded that ACA, much like managed care provisions, has undermined and will continue to reduce the autonomy and professional independence of physicians.”