Area students on president’s list

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Several Delaware-area students who are ranked in the top 3 percent of undergraduate students at Miami University within each division for second semester 2015-16 have been named to the president’s list.

They include:

• Catherine Craig-Bowden of Sunbury.

• Garrett Reed of Galena.

• Lydia Schneider of Galena.

• Ethan Hollingsworth of Powell.

• Baily Torres of Powell.

• Kelsey Baesman of Powell.

• Owen Churchill of Powell.

• Kyleigh Powers of Powell.

• Andrew Sicker of Powell.

• Craig Mathews of Lewis Center.

• Eric Aumiller of Lewis Center.

• Gregory Feinberg of Lewis Center.

• Sydney Biehl of Lewis Center.

• Morgan Horvath of Lewis Center.

• Emily Olson of Lewis Center.

• Brian Carrell of Lewis Center.

• Christopher Hill of Dublin.

• Jesse Via of Dublin.

• Alexander Calnon of Dublin.

• Katherine Ash of Dublin.

• Brent Eastman of Westerville.

• Maria Jeric of Dublin.

• Erika Robota of Dublin.

• Steven Ruane of Westerville.

• Nathan Thatcher of Westerville.

• Tess Cassidy of Dublin.

• Colette Frommeyer of Dublin.

• Nicholas Olmstead of Dublin.

• Abigail Reinhard of Dublin.

• Lauren Askew of Dublin.

• Katherine Rhoades of Dublin.

• Sara Straily of Dublin.

• Morgan Beck of Westerville.

• Anna Helmuth of Westerville.

• Caroline Kelley of Westerville.

• Colleen Osbun of Dublin.

• Abigail Simonds of Westerville.

• Abigail Willette of Dublin.

• Liana Clareson of Westerville.

Miami is in Oxford, Ohio.

Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by Miami University.

Information for this story was provided by Miami University.

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