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Eagles tame Lions 3-0

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By Michael Richmrichdelgazette@gmail.comSydney Manns and the Big Walnut Golden Eagles continued their postseason push with a 3-0 Division II sectional final victory over the visiting Bexley Lions on a cold, rainy night Saturday in Sunbury.The win continues an undefeated streak of six games (4-0-2) for the Eagles.“I don’t want to say that this is a team of destiny,” Eagles coach Drew Pitzer said. “But there’s something special about this group. We were supposed to be in a rebuilding year and this group is sticking together and saying, ‘It can be our turn now and we don’t have to wait.’ So the attitude is perfect – they care about each other, they care about winning.”


Author Rachel Held Evans coming to OWU

Staff ReportAward-winning author and popular blogger Rachel Held Evans will speak at Ohio Wesleyan University at 7 p.m. Nov. 7 in the Benes Rooms of Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, 40 Rowland Ave.Evans is from Dayton, Tenn., home of the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925. Her first book, “Faith Unraveled: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask Questions,” explores the relationship between faith and doubt, and recounts the challenges of asking tough ques...

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Madison Chapin and Kaleb Walker of Delaware; a girl, Saverrah Walker; born Oct. 16 at Grady Memorial Hospital.Rachel Moats and Christian Strine-Shirkey of Delaware; a boy, Ezra Strine; born Oct. 18 at Grady Memorial Hospital.

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BV plan is ‘most affordable option’

To the editor:As a Buckeye Valley graduate, parent and taxpayer, my husband and I are grateful to raise our children in this district. As a young family, we chose to build in Buckeye Valley after relocating from out of state.As a K-12 BV student, I received an excellent education and feel compelled to encourage a “yes” vote for the renovation, modernization, improved safety measures and increased HVAC efficiency in our elementary buildings.As our s...

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‘We can’t afford to re-open North school’

To the editor:Some Buckeye Valley district residents and school board members are saying that we have to do something to address the issues with the elementary school buildings. In reality, the proposed reopening of the North Elementary School, followed by the renovation of the two existing elementary schools, is fiscally irresponsible and potentially quite harmful to the future of the Buckeye Valley budget and our taxes. This is why I have to vote “no” for the upcoming...

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Sisters win high praise

When I first contacted local high school principals about our “Teen of the Week” feature recently, one principal was disappointed to learn that only senior students are eligible to be considered.Tom McDonnell, principal of Olentangy High School, wanted to nominate two inspiring sisters for the honor – Dellie and Quincey Logan — but they’re sophomores. And they’re both confined to wheelchairs.But that’s not the reason McDonnell th...

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Protecting our air, health

In the United States, dirty power plants are responsible for 40 percent of the carbon pollution causing climate change, yet there are currently no federal limits on this pollution that threatens public health. There are federal limits on dangerous pollutants, like mercury, soot, and arsenic, but no federal safeguards against carbon pollution.Ohioans are uniquely aware of these facts, as we disproportionately suffer the effect of air pollution from fossil-fueled power plants. In 201...

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Elections board praised for Powell actions

The Delaware County Board of Elections was lauded by county commissioners Monday for the way in which officials have handled a controversial ballot measure that the Ohio Supreme Court ordered on the ballot just days before early voting began.The ballot measure – which, if approved, would provide city of Powell residents with a greater voice in crafting a comprehensive plan, proponents say – was first deemed unconstitutional by the court before the justices reversed thei...

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Former Showa executive faces price-fixing charges

By Dustin Ensingerdensinger@civitasmedia.comA former top executive of a Japanese-based company with American headquarters in the village of Sunbury faces charges for his role in an alleged price-fixing scheme.Akira Wada, a former director and operating officer at Showa Corp., was indicted last week by a federal grand jury in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Ohio on a charge of market allocation and price fixing.The charges carries...

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‘Hellbender’ makes a comeback

By Gary Budzakgbudzak@civitasmedia.comThe Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, along with The Wilds, recently released amphibians called “eastern hellbenders” into Ohio streams.“The whole idea is to get them back out into their historic range and reproducing,” said John Navarro, Ohio Department of Natural Resources division of wildlife program administrator. “That’s what we would consider success, 6-to-10 self-sustaining populations o...

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Optimum Plastics acquired by Wisconsin firm

By Gary Budzakgbudzak@civitasmedia.comWisconsin-based Bloomer Plastics Inc. announced Monday it has acquired Optimum Plastics Inc., 1188 S. Houk Road.Bloomer officials said “this is a significant move for Bloomer as this transaction will nearly double the revenue and employee base.”

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Wiles leads Liberty to district championship

By Ben Stroupbstroup@civitasmedia.comLiberty senior Claire Wiles strung together three stellar miles Saturday at Watkins Memorial, maneuvering through the 5K course in 18:40.50 to win the Division I Section 3 race during the Girls District Cross Country Championships.Liberty was just as a solid as a unit, too, cruising to the team title with a score of 46.Wiles won the district crown by nearly three seconds, outpacing Dublin Scioto senior Vanessa Ro...

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Olentangys, BV stride into regionals

By Ben Stroupbstroup@civitasmedia.comThe local squads in action at Saturday’s Division I and II Boys District Cross Country Championships represented Delaware County quite well, as four teams and an individual punched tickets to next weekend’s regional rung of competition with solid showings at Watkins Memorial.

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Board should consider other options

I have never voted against a school bond issue in the past, but feel forced to do so on Nov. 4.The Buckeye Valley school board needs to understand the frustration they have caused by rushing to put this bond issue on the ballot without truly making an effort to ask the opinions of all the residents of the Buckeye Valley district. If they had conducted an open format survey, there would not be such an uprising of non-support for this particular bond issue from some of the most suppo...

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A school district divided

By Dustin Ensingerdensinger@civitasmedia.comAnother ballot measure has deeply divided the Buckeye Valley Local School District community.A proposed $26.5 million bond issue has ignited a firestorm in the district as supporters and proponents on each side of the issue scramble for votes ahead of Election Day on Nov. 4.Proponents of the bond issue, which would pay for renovation of the three elementary buildings in the district and allow for North Ele...

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$50K from county needed for vets memorial

By Dustin Ensingerdensinger@civitasmedia.comA $320,000 state grant for the construction of a veterans memorial hinges on securing another $50,000 in funding in the coming months.Delaware County commissioners have been asked to pony up.The $50,000 from the county would provide the $160,000 local match needed to secure the grant funding for a proposed Delaware Veterans Memorial Plaza, set to be located between the YMCA and the National Guard Training ...

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Be safe during eclipse

On Thursday, Oct. 23, we will see a partial eclipse of the sun – if the sky is clear. The eclipse begins at 5:46 p.m., so the sun will be very low, about 9 degrees up, on the west-southwestern horizon as the eclipse begins and the moon takes a tiny bite out of the right side of the solar disk.For reference, the angular distance from the horizon to straight overhead, which astronomers call the zenith, is 90 degrees. Therefore, in our case, the sun will be one-tenth the distanc...

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Good things can have a down side

To the editor:Good things often have a down side. A team wins a big one, but its star is injured. A company automation increases efficiency, but jobs are lost. A community gets needed rain, but a class picnic is spoiled.Sometimes the down side is particularly tragic, even insidious. Gov. Kasich’s ads boast that he’s cut taxes. Hidden in his hubris, however, is a sobering down side. He never brags about the important public service, key community need, or esse...

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